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The DroneShow Latin America is an annual trade fair hosted by MundoGEO, a media and communications company founded in 1998 that today is the market leader throughout Latin America in the geospatial segment. MundoGEO connects more than 100,000 professionals through its diverse channels, such as magazines, web portal, webinars, social media and it also organizes every year the largest and most important conference in its sector, the MundoGEO#Connect LatinAmerica


The first edition of the DroneShow took place in São Paulo in October 28th and 29th, 2015 and it was very successful being labeled as a milestone in its sector, taking into consideration the fact that it was the first time this community gathered in Latin America. The attendance featured 22 domestic and international exhibitors (from China, France, USA and Germany) and 2,500 participants from South America (from Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia and Bolivia) that visited the show and joined various activities like courses, seminars and lectures.

The main goals of the show were achieved by showing the technology state-of-the-art and complexity, its current and future applications, the in force legislation and the need for professional practices to assure work quality as well as operational safety. Out of the event various supporters, we can stand out the ABM (Brazilian Multirotor Association), ANAC (Agency responsible for Brazilian National Aviation System) and the DECEA (Department of Airspace Control).


The edition of the DroneShow this year took place in São Paulo in May and had more than 3,200 attendees, 120 speakers in 36 seminars, courses and forums, distributed in 102 hours of activities. The fair gathered 52 exhibitors and 102 Brazilian and international brands.

The 6th edition of MundoGEO#Connect LatinAmerica and the 2nd edition of DroneShow LatinAmerica received representatives from all Brazilian states and several countries. “A surprising amount of deals were closed in the fair and many more are about to be made in the following months”, comments Emerson Granemann, MundoGEO’ s president, organizer of both events. “We’re going to study these numbers for future announcement, a proof of the vocation of the events in generating new businesses”, he celebrates.

The positive results gathered in the survey with the participants also indicate the response to the event proposal, in which 95% approved it and 89% intend to return to the next edition in 2017. Other data show that the participants profile was formed by 22% in the public sector, 69% in the private sector and 9% of the third sector. Occupations varied from directing and management positions with 48%, technical sector 36% and academic sector 16%.

“This year, we have joined for the first time the two major events in Geotechnologies and Drones sectors, benefiting from the synergy between the two and broadening the cooperation possibilities among instructors, speakers, debaters, participants and exhibitors of the events”, comments Eduardo Freitas, MundoGEO’s operations director. “The interest level and focus of the participants in specialist solutions has showed that during crisis one must optimize resources in order to obtain maximum results in geospatial solutions”, he concluded.


From May 9th through 11th, the Frei Canena Convention Center in São Paulo hosted the main drone fair in Brazil. The DroneShow Latin America, the most important event in its segment, besides presenting market innovations and trends, also had room for direct and effective discussion with ANAC (Agency responsible for Brazilian Civil Aviation)and with the DECEA (Department of Airspace Control) in order to solve doubts and make the drone industry more qualified towards society.

During the three days of the event, the fair received about 3.100 participants visiting booths of 40 sponsors and 70 brands. The recently released ANAC regulation for the commercial use of drones was the major topic of positive results throughout the event. ANAC and DECEA officially inaugurated the event with a debate/question-solver panel on regulations and the general guidelines to legally work with drones and Brazil. Besides this debate, representatives of both organs stayed in the event to clear specific and individual doubts of the participants.

“We have reached a new maturity level. The regulated market ensures more legal security and allows the achievement of major projects using drones”, comments Emerson Granemann, the fair idealizer.

Other two debates of great interest to the fair visitors were: “general guidelines to start a drone company”; and “potential businesses using autonomous drones for delivery and private security”.

In addition to the debates, practical courses to assemble drones were taken as well as seminars with testimonials of the results of innovative projects using the embedded technology in drones for agriculture, environment and mapping. Even though the great innovations were the applications in the construction site inspections, safety and forensic.

The fair had a very qualified attendance coming from all the Brazilian states and abroad, mainly connected to the agriculture and infrastructure private sectors. “We have noticed an ascending curve in the public sector, mainly on environmental issues, public management and civil defense, and also start-ups and junior companies with the endorsement of important education institutions presenting researches applied to the sector” points out Granemann.


The 2018 events are already booked for May 15th through 17th in the Frei Caneca Convention Center in São Paulo (SP), venue approved for its location and internal infrastructure by 92% of this year’s participants. As a novelty, the event will offer a special room for entrepreneurs to structure service companies in the sector and the attendance of banking institutions and insurance brokers to facilitate the purchase of products displayed in the fairs.

MundoGEO Team
CEO and Publisher: Emerson Zanon Granemann – emerson@mundogeo.com
Editor and Event Coordinator: Eduardo Freitas
Sales Manager: Jarbas Raichert Neto – jarbas@mundogeo.com
Administrative and Finance Manager: Eloísa Stoffel Eisfeld Rosa
IT Manager: Guilherme Vinícius Vieira